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Play Elvis playlist as students are walking into class.

  • Student entrance was calm and students were academically focused once they were seated.

  • Having music at beginning of class sets a routine as a reminder of entrance ticket time.

1. Mr. Bonney leads Entrance ticket: (10 minutes: 8:25­8:35am)

  • Image was accessible.

  • Logan cold called to get more students involved.

  • "Work, what do you mean work?" This was a follow up question to stretch a student's one word answer.  "Stretch" questions are great for pushing students to higher order thinking

  • Logan asked for feedback of lesson by asking, "have you heard/seen of Rosie the Riviter?" How did this feedback help?

  • Did you guys refer to the text on the lower bottom right?

2. Mr. Bonney will lead DTP over GI Bill (10 minutes: 8:35­8:45am)

  • Logan jogged up students memories of prior topics and events that led up to World War 2.

  • Focused on what was important for students to know.

  • Would they be writing notes?

  • Keep using their share question about FDR to ask them to connect to your points to DTP if you have time.

  • First slide was very to the point. Keep that up.

3. Ms. Patton leads Word wall of your favorite things. Materialism (10 minutes: 8:45­8:55am)

  • Getting students moving up during that moment gets their energy up.  Intended?

  • Were you looking for objects?

  • Sally got students to quiet down quickly by using a lower tone.  The paradox. When your voice is unusually quiet it gets other students to notice and become silent.


4. Ms. Patton leads 1950s Ads Activity: respond on butcher block followed by class discussion (30 minutes:


  • When asking the whole class to do something when they were doing the activity, try to get their attention first

  • Good pace, very little down time.

  • Great conversations and comments all over.

5. Mr. Stewart leads discussion over the Ads and Consumerism/Suburbanization. Connect this to the “ideal” American Dream (10 minutes: 9:25­9:35am)

  • Great questions? How could you draw out more student conversation? All students were able to do the prior activity. If the questions were connected to that activity, all students should be able to answer your questions.  

  • This would be a great time to write main points from students' conversations on board.

  • Praised student who was raising her hand. Try more of that.

  • Suggestion, display the images from the wall on the screen.

  • ?michael seems to be very sleepy. How did you guys respond?

  • When students were not listening to Michael, he paused until students were silent.  Great.


6. Mr. Stewart leads exit ticket: Little Boxes Song (10 minutes: 9:35­9:45am)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_2lGkEU4Xs

  • Perfect song to wrap up the conversation.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.