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1. Mr. Bonney will lead entrance Ticket (10 minutes: 10:15-10:25)

  • The entrance ticket is engaging and rich but might work better once everyone is settled.  A do now or entrance ticket is something that occupies students without much need for immediate instruction or questions.
  • Wait for students to all pay attention and stop talking before going over power point.
  • Logan apologized for the directions and description of term before use.  Apology was sincere and to the point. Very professional and defuses situation. 
  • Student explained her and her grandma's perspective. By giving her this space, she and her family feels affirmed.

2. Ms. Patton will facilitate Stock Market Simulation Game (65 minutes: 10: 25-11:30)

  •     Directions on power point are clear and easy to read.
  • The fake money is a great use to show economic principles in a clear way.
  • Clapping seemed to work to get students attention.  Try more of these types of strategies, I.e. count down, lights, call and response
  • Pause and wait until all students are silent and listening. Use a check-in strategy to check class understanding of directions.
  • Before activities, especially group activities, set class behavior expectations together.  This creates buy-in for the rules.
  • Model what groups should do
  • Female student third from door... Coy? Needs a quiet reminder about class expectations for side talking.  How to give her an outlet or responsibility?
  • ? What are behavior concerns that you have about individuals, groups, or class? What strategies are working and not working?
  • Need to address entire class about side talking but not point out specific individuals or groups.  There was acknowledgement and notice by teachers but didn't get the message across.  Explain or ask students to explain importance of not sidewalk during directions.
  • Before teachers go and help individuals and groups, wait a few seconds to see that everyone is on track and then go to groups.  By pausing for a few seconds and surveying the room, it helps you get the class focused.
  • All students are engaged and having fun while learning. 
  • Group members are talking to each other and mostly keeping conversations within groups.
  • How did Connors group decide the name? Check-in tomorrow.
  • Very creative, understandable, and logical simulation. Developed authentic skills, I.e. stock purchasing, investments, savings
  • Everyone on team was helping students as much as they can.
  • Ask students to not just reflect on what they learned and how they learned, but also reflect on class behavior and group dynamics.
  • ? Did you catch curses or inappropriate language? What are direct, indirect, individual, whole class strategies?
  • Closing power point explaining stock market collapse is to the point. How can you check if they made the connection?


3. Mr. Stewart will lead Great Depression DTP (11:40-11:50am)

  • Asked students to take notes.  Do you want them to write down word for word what is on power point?  If so, try to cut down on number of words or points on slide or allow enough time for students to write down notes.  
  • Notes highlight main ideas.  Helps students follow along visually.  This also helps you stay on track with your lecture.
  • Michael explained explicitly the order of listen and write and explained why.  Explaining the reasoning of expectations and rules set a tone of fairness and respect of student's work.


4. Exit Ticket: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (10 minutes: 11:50-12:00)


 Just two days ago, our exit ticket was a Great Gatsby lavish party clip? How did things change so fast?

 What is your reaction to this poem? How do you think that the Great Depression changed American society and the American Dream?

  • Great idea for exit ticket and a quality formative assessment.  May be too much for students to do at once. Think about how to break it down. I.e. listen/look at lyrics first, then answer question but not at same time.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.