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  • Entrance

○     Michael give response to preferred pronoun. Could be clarified on document.

○     Friendly presence. Nice circulation.


  • Introduction to class

○     Pens down look up.

○     Michael, sports connection

■     Looks around, tries to make eye contact with people behind.

○     Humor, connection.

○     Logan speaks at edge of circle,

○     ? benefits to being in middle of class room v. Outside? When?


  • Attendance

○     Sally gives praise to loud speaker.

○     Logan notices cell phone right away in a polite way.

○     ? How can you get half students to speak louder?


  • WAH

○     Logan asks what is an ice breaker.  Make activity implicit in beginning.

○     Explains instructions a few times and does check-in

■     **Tip: ask students to repeat what to do

■     Modeling always good.

○     Moved on when student doesn't want to participate.

■     Avoided power struggle

○     Fun! Got students active. Showed fairness and second chances and fun in learning.


  • Classroom constitution

○     Michael, good job team of checking in with prior knowledge.

○     Team pushed students to be more precise. Showed being part of classroom community.

○     Students were engaged.

○     Good job with scanning the room and seeing which groups needed push.

○     Stopped at peak

○     ? Food expectations?

○     ? Think about most likely to be broken constitution rules and how you will address it individually or as a class?

○     ? Notice the peanut gallery in front of me?  ? How to pull them in? Pacific, Michael


  • American dream association words

○     Sally, clear instructions.

○     "Do this silently." Students got it.

○     Team scanned to see if students are stuck.


  • Discussion on American dream

○     Sally seemed to do most of the academics today. Alternate.

○     Questions were logical and solid.

○     Logan did noticing of side talkers.  Noticing is all you need with this group today.

○     Michael asked for clarification of challenging words.

○     Good buy-in.

○     ? How to define: "unpacking" "feminism"?

○     Remember the exit ticket to have an academic and structured close.


  • Plus

○     Great team dynamics

○     Built safe space for students to share

○     Set expectations of students and teachers are both learners and teachers

○     Good mix of getting up and sitting, game and academics

○     Students seemed engaged in topics.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.