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As a final reflection on the Civil Rights Movement to help close the unit, students were tasked with writing a summarizing piece to answer the following question:


"In the United States today, do you believe that the dreams and goals of the Civil Rights Movement were achieved? Why or why not?

What do you think that Martin Luther King Jr. would fight for today? What can you do to continue the struggle for equality?"



With this question in mind, I hoped to engage each one of my learners by providining them various entry points into the content and subject matter. By beginning with two videos regarding Civil Rights in the United States today, leading into graphs and statistics about the continued societal struggle, and then providing them with an article and community resources, I hoped that each of my students would find a connection with at least one of the varied sources. After reading the pieces and seeing how they synthesized the different material, there was no one piece that each student used; instead their responses referred to each of the different resources in a varied way. This demonstarated how important it is to diversify the way that learning is taught to ensure that the entire range of learning needs is met. 


To view the lesson plan, please select the following link: 17April2014.docx


To see the first resource they had for the assignment, an article on the modern day Civil Rights Movement, please select the following link: WrittenResponseArticle.docx


To view the second recsource they had to write the piece, a list of community organizations in which they could be involved, collected by my Mentor, Tom Chen, please select the following link: CivilRightsinAmericaToday.docx


To view the Powerpoint presentation that preceded the writing task and set the foundation for their argument, please select the following link: 17 April 2014.pptx


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.