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Program Overview


     Brown Summer High School is an enrichment program offered to students from RI and southeastern Massachusetts.  The program lasts for three and a half weeks and takes place on the Brown University Campus on the East Side of Providence.  The students come from a variety of educational backgrounds and for a variety of reasons.  Whether they are looking to earn extra credit or to make-up credit from the previous year, this unique opportunity ensures that all students have a rich and rewarding academic experience. 

     Each of the students has the opportunity to take two classes per day , choosing from science, english and history.  MAT/UTEP students teach classes that use essential questions to create a thematic and exciting curriculum, one that focuses not only on content, but on literacy skills as well.  Using student centered activities as well as Direct Teacher Presentation (DTP), the students are asks to engage and respond to conent in a thoughful and analytical way.



In situations of stress or turmoil, what do we rely on to maintain our humanity, our individuality, our families, and our beliefs? (English)


How does art enable people to express themselves, send messages to the world, and interpret the world? In Between Shades of Gray, a novel about a family taken from their comfortable home in Lithuania to a Siberian Prison camp, we follow the progression of teenage Lina. The novel chronicles the challenging aspects of daily life for the family and their community in Stalin’s work camps and includes flashbacks to their previous “normal” lives. Performance, writing, and creative projects will help us investigate the ideas of hope, family, love, and, ultimately, survival, as centerpieces to the novel. 



What is the "American Dream?" (History/Social Studies)


People from all over the world travel to the United States with the hope of living the "American Dream." What values shape the “American Dream?” What do immigrants expect to find when coming to the United States? How is equal treatment--regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, and class--important to the “American Dream?” Through readings, discussions, role-plays, simulations, and multimedia exploration, we will see if we can define just what is the "American Dream."



How can observing nature generate new ideas in science and math? (Science and Math)


Nature has greatly influenced our understandings in science and math. Our observations and interactions with nature continue to influence art, music, literature, mathematics, and science. The guiding essential question this summer will allow you, as a student scientist or student mathematician to examine and understand the nature of how these observations lead to new discoveries.


for more information please visit the following website: http://brown.edu/Departments/Education/BSHS/program.php


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.