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1. Ms. Patton leads entrance ticket of Modern Gilded Age (10 minutes: 10:40am­10:50am). Build in entrance time.

  • ?Got students attention just once and students started focus.  They seem used to it. Do you want quiet or silent? There's good conversations but need consistency.

  • Sally defined opulence verbally, gave an example, made a connection

  • **Tip: Make entrance ticket simpler and readable. Focus on accessibility.

  • Try to move towards cold calling or some tool that allows that. I.e. Popsicle sticks. Some students still just hanging back.

  • The DTP asked for students to give feedback and make connections.

  • **Tip: Need to consistently enforce hand raising so all students feel safe to participate

  • Pictures speak more than words.

  • Overheard student saying she likes BSHS in response to a student counting down the weeks.

2. Mr. Bonney models a carousel image and explain directions (5 minutes: 10:50am­11:00am)

  • Used war to pull students in

  • Plus minus sheet allows scaffolding of higher order thinking.  

  • Several students not paying attention. Stop and get everyone's attention.

  • Talkative ladies to my left. Some on topic. Some not.

3. Carousel of six Gilded Age Images with Semantic Features Analysis worksheets and guided questions (30 minutes: 11:00am­11:30am)

  • Listed directions on top.

  • Check for directions comprehension.

  • Modeled an example.

  • .Did you expect group work? It seemed to be happening for most groups compared to previous group work?

  • ?Logan, "what are some power words." Is this helpful for all to know?

  • Students were consistently engaged with the choices of text and had engaging note taking activity.  There are more than one way to take notes and you showed that.

  • ?When walking around, did students apply the critical analysis skills and content knowledge and social studies skills you taught so far?

4. Mr. Stewart leads discussion over Carousel activity (20 minutes: 11:30am­11:50am)

  • **Tip. Team can praise students that are raising hands to reinforce classroom expectations.

  • ?Michael, why did you choose to be in the middle of circle when conducting discussion?

  • **Tip. Have someone write the main points on board and students to write it down.

  • At one point, Michael changed tone and restated expectations of raising hands.  Paused before continuing.  Great tactic.

  • **Tip. Write out and follow through with discussion questions and what you expect their responses to be. This will help tighten up your discussion and give a clear arc for your discussion.

5. Ms. Patton leads discussion connecting the topics we’ve covered (10 minutes: 11:50am­12:00pm)

­ Connect WW1

­ Transition from Immigration/Ellis Island, to Eugenics/Social Darwinism, to Gilded Age, WWI, Roar


  • Didn't get to this part so make sure it is in tomorrow's lesson.


6. Accordion activity: Great Gatsby party clip

Is this the American Dream? How does this modern day version relate to what we’re talking about?


  • Video is great text for students to respond to.  

  • ?Is this a formative assessment? If so, does it measure your objectives?


The daily essential question doesn't seem to match objectives.

Are you guys writing mid progress reports for students? What do you need to be prepared?

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.