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     A second, and even more enlightening assignment, for Dr. Landay, was to conduct an individual literacy profile on a student in our classroom. Having the chance to sit down with one specific student and talk with them about their experience in learning and schooling is something that every teacher wishes they could do with all of their students. I never knew how much I could learn from just one individual student until I sat down with my ILP student and began discussing her struggles in schooling and specific needs from her teachers, which many of them have failed to meet in her opinion. 

     The student that I worked with is an English Language Learner who moved to the United States as a little girl. Her family continues to speak Spanish at home, and she told me that she has always struggled finding interest in what she does in school. Reading bores her even though she is at an appropriate reading level for a student her age, and she becomes nervous speaking out in class. Her writing was clear and organized, however she had troubles writing thorough analyses. 

     Conducting the ILP was extremely rewarding, even though all of our recommendations were hypothetical due to the lenght of the program and the little time we had to do the research. It is a skill that I will carry with me though in future classrooms to be able to appropriately assist struggling readers I may have in my classroom, or ELL/ELN students who need additional attention.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.