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South African History


I got interested in the modern history of Africa after my teaching about the Sierra Leone civil war and so with my focus on race and ethnicity in history I decided to take this course on the history of South Africa. The course began with the early history of South Africa and really allowed me to see the development and complexity of racial groupings in South Africa into the modern day. This lecture course had a final paper, mine being on the Mandela Rivonia Trial, and final exam writing assignment, both posted below.


Mandela Rivonia Trial.doc



This course will help me in teaching in many ways. First, it gave me another great example of how something very complex and complicated, like race relations in South Africa, developed over centuries of time for multiple different reasons. That really have a sense of the agency in history and how important cause and effect relationships are, historical thinking skills which I'll be excited to develop in my students. Second, geography plays such an important role in the history of South Africa it was really helpful to be able to see how geography influences history for me, someone who was always told geography was important but didn't really understand why.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.