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Goals for Student Teaching: Overall, I think I grew and developed as a student teacher a lot in just the short time of this summer and that I am on way to accomplishing all six standards outlined by the time I graduate in May. I think I am ready to student teach and hope that throughout the next year and my student teaching placement I can focus on improving my teacher toolkit in these areas:

- Developing critical thinking skills like discernment, analysis and evaluation in my students through activities done in class

- Making meaning of historical or other information for students (& allow them to themselves)

- Developing questioning & discussion techniques that include arc of questions & make meaning

- Managing the classroom and reinforcing classroom norms to have a productive classroom

- Developing a system to track student progress on content and skill goals particularly in class

- Slowing down to allow students time to make meaning in activities & provide structure to do so

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.