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Standard Six: Professional Knowledge and Growth


Overview of the Standard:  Standard Six: Professional Knowledge and Growth asks student teachers to use reflect on their practice and assume responsibility for their own professional development by actively seeking opportunities to learn and grow as professionals (RIBTS #10).


How do you determine where you are in regard to this standard?  To see where I am in regard to this standard I need to look at the ways I reflect thoughtfully on my teaching experience, solicit and accept criticism, effectively use the reflection and criticism in improving performance, use learning theory to inform my practice, explore new instructional strategies, develop basic technological literacy (use of computers, knowledge of the web, the Internet, use of search engines) for professional purposes, as well as classroom applications, and take responsibility for his/her own professional growth by participating in workshops, courses, and other educational activities that support plans for continued development as a teacher.


Where you in regard to this standard?  I believe I am meeting standard six.


What have you attempted and practiced? This summer during Brown Summer High School and our methods and literacy class I really began to develop my professional knowledge and grow professionally.  I learned to work well with my co-teacher and to accept and try to utilize constructive criticism and refinements from my mentor teacher.  I also took teaching methods and ideas we discussed in our classes or that I heard from other MAT/UTEP students into my classroom—adapting them to fit our needs. I also actively sought out ideas, inspiration and advice for teaching certain content or using certain teaching techniques online before I taught them. For example I read a number of articles and lesson plans about Socratic seminar before I tried it with my class. I also make sure to deeply investigate content I would be covering in class so that I pull together and synthesis the most important ideas to convey to the class as well as come up with interesting activities to do so. I also tried to anticipate what questions students would have so I could be prepared to answer them as completely as possible. I also got the opportunity this summer to observe other student teachers teaching and I tried to take advantage of the positives I saw in their teachings and classrooms and bring it into my own.


What have you learned? I learned that I can learn a lot about myself and how to improve my teaching practices throughout this summer, by observing other student teachers, observing and working with my co-teacher, and working so closely with my mentor.


What are your goals? My goal is continue learning more techniques and practices I can bring into the classroom and continue getting feedback and advice from mentor teachers, other student teachers and other educational allies.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.