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This portion of my portfolio is dedicated to my work teaching at El Centro Del Cardenal Boston Public Schools Alternative High School in Boston's South End. Please see my course syllabus under Classroom Management and sample lessons and assignment under those tabs up top to the right.


At El Centro I...

  • Taught social studies, mathematics, advisory and portfolio and co-taught college preparation to low income, at-risk youths at a Boston Public Schools alternative education program for students who are returning to school.
  • Developed MA & national standards aligned, project based, scaffolded social studies & mathematics curriculum for a heterogeneous 9-12 class that emphasized development of reading, writing & critical thinking skills.
  • Created a safe, focused, and welcoming classroom environment that enabled students to excel academically.
  • Worked as a small school team to develop school culture through activities such as cultural festival, community meetings to address issues of concern, thanksgiving potluck, field day, orientation, and family open houses.
  • Participated in professional development opportunities as a school staff member including training on being a first responder to disclosure of sexual violence by BARCC and the continuum of care for youth substance abuse in greater Boston from the Institute for Health and Recovery’s Suffolk County Adolescent Project.
  • Engaged in professional development opportunities through Teach For America Greater Boston throughout the year including workshops on MCAS preparation, investment, content engagement & classroom culture.
  • Received on going observation & support from Teach For America staff to continuously increase effectiveness.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.