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Welcome to my Teaching Portfolio!


My name is Joas Alfajardo. I am currently a candidate in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at Brown University; my specialization will be in secondary science with a focus on biology. This digital portfolio is an accumulation of my work and growth as a novice teacher in the one-year program, using the 4 Domains as a rubric for my teaching and as a reflective framework to self-assess.


In this portfolio, you will find a record of my teaching experiences throughout the course of Brown Summer High School. Brown Summer High School is our first experience in the classroom teaching a four-week long science course, answering the essential question: How can science, engineering, and technology be used to reduce the impacts of human activities on water systems, both natural and manmade? Along with my outstanding teaching colleagues, I was able to develop a unit plan and create daily lesson plans to help students answer this essential question.


Currently, I'm a student teacher at Classical High School under the mentorship of Scott Macbeth, teaching Biology and AP Biology. During this Spring Practicum, I'm learning to further my craft in teaching and help my students make sense of biology as it pertains to their lives.  


This electronic portfolio will continue to be updated as I progress in my experience as a secondary science teacher, so this portfolio is a constant work-in-progress.

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