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Welcome to my Summer 2017 final portfolio! My name is Jessica Karpinski and I am a candidate in the Brown University MAT program. Here you will find a collection of my experiences in the Summer 2017 semester.

This semester, I had the pleasure of teaching sixteen fantastic rising first graders in the Brown SummerPrep program! I also had the privilege of taking the introductory courses to the Brown MAT program throughout the summer session.

Special thanks to my fantastic teaching partner, Hayley Beach, and my incredible mentor Liz Carr for their constant support and wisdom throughout the summer. Thanks also to our SummerPrep principals, Jen Goodnow and Maggie Masse, my amazing MAT cohort, and our wonderful directors, Joan Gujarati and Jeanette Epstein, for their insight and spirit. This summer was an incredible learning experience and I am so grateful to everyone in the MAT program, as well as my loved ones, for supporting me on the first steps of my journey as an educator.











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