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In this section of my portfolio, I've compiled some of my best work from Brown Summer High School (BSHS), a summer enrichment program for kids from Providence-area public high schools.  During the course of the program, I had the honor of co-teaching a history class of high school students all throughout grades 9-12 with another Secondary History/Social Studies MAT student.  Teaching BSHS is a requirement of the summer semester of the MAT program, which I completed in the summer of 2017.


My co-teacher and I co-created a four-week curriculum with the assistance of a mentor teacher who currently works in the Providence Public School District. Our class grappled with the histories that created the conditions Latinx social movements have organized against. Our essential questions for the unit were:


  1. How have different Latinx social movements fought for their rights and access to citizenship both in the past and in the present?
  2. How have their ideas around resistance influenced what their social movements have looked like?

We started with examining our own identities and rights in the classroom, and then worked outward to the ideas of dominant and counternarratives as well as the concepts of citizenship and rights in larger society. By examining the history of Manifest Destiny, the U.S.-Mexico War, and U.S. Intervention, we were able to contextualize the conditions that the United Farm Workers and DREAMer movements arose from. We explored how social movements work, analyzing different resistance strategies the United Farm Workers and the DREAMer movements used. We culminated the course by encouraging students to take actions of their own.


This part of my portfolio is organized according to the seven practice-based standards created by the Teacher Education faculty of Brown University in cooperation with other members of the Brown University Education Department and the Greater Providence school community.  These standards define objectives and set guidelines for future educators in the MAT programs.  You can view a more detailed list of these standards here


On the main page of each standard is a description of the standard in italics and a brief overview of how I have met the standard during BSHS.  Under each standard are artifacts, composed of student work, lessons, and other relevant documents, that correspond to that standard.  Please note that some images have been altered in order to protect the identities of my students.  


I hope you enjoy exploring some of the work my students and I completed during BSHS!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.