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Standard 7: Engagement with Subject Matter


Meeting Standard Seven

"The student teacher demonstrates mastery of the skills and knowledge central to the discipline. Interest in, and energy for, his/her discipline are demonstrated through the creation of lessons which present diverse students with challenging activities and projects, engage them, and encourage them to solve problems, raise questions, and interact in ways that contribute to a positive learning environment while developing skills as critical, inquiring thinkers."

-Brown University Teacher Education Handbook



            I feel that I have a solid background in literature and writing, and I am passionate about making students see the value in being strong readers and writers.  I want my students to see reading as a way to explore the world around them and to see writing as a way to express themselves and their ideas.  I strongly believe that the importance of a good education in literature is its ability to teach students to analyze the world around them.

         In class, I used a variety of active reading strategies because I saw their impact over a mere seventeen days of instruction in our Brown Summer High School classroom.  I never did anything like a think-aloud or an anticipation guide in school and as a student I hated reading aloud in class.  Everyone read more slowly than I did, and I thought it was a waste of time… I could just read at home!  Now I know that I was not only coming from a place of privilege, but also of ignorance.  I will do my best to help my students by incorporating interesting teaching methods and supplementary texts to approach literacy from different angles.  My end objective is to have all of my students understand the content enough to discuss it, write about it, and connect it to their own lives.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.