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Standard 6: Professional Knowledge and Growth



Meeting Standard Six

"In face-to-face debriefings, journal writing, and formal self-analysis, the student teacher demonstrates the positive acceptance of feedback and makes a thoughtful response to it. Classroom planning and implementation demonstrates that the student teacher has internalized and is making use of feedback. Beyond the classroom, the student teacher avails him/herself of professional publications, conferences, and workshops to improve his/her practice and to develop the habits necessary for continued professional growth."

-Brown University Teacher Education Handbook




        This semester has required me to learn extremely quickly just to keep up with day-to-day requirements.  One skill that has helped me immensely is my ability to quickly analyze how my class is going and identify the problems.  Obviously, this is but a step in a larger process that involves meeting with my mentor teacher, consulting notes and research, etc. to find ways to address these issues in class or to make sure an activity goes better the second time we do it.  I am always eager to get feedback on my teaching, and I take constructive criticism well. 

         I have also learned a lot from our Analysis of Teaching class this semester.  I appreciate the chance to look beyond the methods we learned over the summer and understand more about the theory and studies behind them.  I have tried to incorporate some of the things we have learned into my own teaching style.  For example, Carol Jago’s Papers, Papers, Papers gives some practical advice about how to structure and grade written assignments.  I have learned a lot about organization from Jago’s past mistakes, as well as from those of other teachers at my school.  I have learned that teaching is a surprisingly communal profession, and I think the purpose of professional development days should be getting colleagues together to share theories and strategies that have improved their teaching.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.