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As part of our unit on Civil Rights, student in my 11th grade U.S. History course were asked to design and teach a lesson on one of the pimary source documents listed below. This was not an extended project: they were given thirty minutes in class and finished the rest for homework. Examples of their powerpoint presentations can be viewed below.



In groups of 3, you will each prepare a lesson to teach the class one of the primary sources from the Civil Rights Movement. Your lesson must by no longer than 15-20 minutes. You must have clearly defined learning objectives (what do you want the class remember as a result of your lesson?). It must include an activity that engages the whole class. Finally, it must have an assessment: some evidence that the rest of the class learned what you wanted them to learn about your primary source document in a way that you can collect and grade. The more creative and the more the class learns the better your project will score.

Choices of Primary Source Texts:
1. Anne Moody: “Coming of Age in Mississippi,” 1968, pp.394-398.
2. John Lewis: “Original Text of Speech to be Delivered at the Lincoln Memorial,” August 28, 1963, pp.398-399.
3. Malcolm X: “Message to the Grass Roots,” November 10, 1963, pp.400-402.
4. Martha Honey: “Letter from Mississippi Freedom Summer,” August 1964, pp.402-403.
5. Fannie Lou Hamer: “Testimony of Fannie Lou Hamer,” August 1964, pp.403-406.
6. Rita Schwerner: “Testimony of Rita L. Schwerner,” 1964, pp.406-409.
7. Sandra A. West: “Roit! – A Negro Resident’s Story,” 1967, pp.415-416.
8. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Where Do We Go from Here?,” 1967, pp.417-420.


Example of student powerpoint presentation as pdf file linked below:

Detroit Riots Student Presentation.pdf


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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