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Goals for Student Teaching

My goals for student teaching are many and varied. Some I have come to out of a process of self-reflection, others I have developed out of criticism and feedback I have received. With the following list I have tried to distill the most important points (conforming to the “less is more” adage, of which both my mentor teacher Ed Abbott and the program director Bil Johnson are continually reminding me).
During student teaching I hope to:
  • Always keep the following questions in mind: “what do I want my students to learn?” and “how will I know that they have learned it?"
  • Work to better differentiate my instruction so as to account for different learning needs.
  • Better develop systematic, organized, and ongoing ways of assessing student learning.
  • Make my classroom more “student-centered” and overcome my tendency to talk at students (“less is more, Ben”).
  • Identify the enduring human questions which are salient to young people’s lives in order to help make content age and developmentally appropriate.
  • Think of myself as a literacy as well as a History/Social Studies teacher.

To learn more about my student teaching placement, please visit the school's website: www.fallriverschools.org...


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