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Standard Five Reflection


I do not think I exhibited my assessment skills to their fullest during my time at Brown Summer High School.  I found it difficult to assess students' performance in a summer enrichment program.  First of all, I was not sure what reasonable performance expectations were.  Then, I did not understand how concrete my assessment scores needed to be.   Finally, I did not realize that I needed to use a rubric until its use became summative, which, to my mind, negated its purpose.  The artifacts reflect my struggles.  I believe my final evaluations gave the students' justice and reflected the way I assessed them: I differentiated and knew my students' academic strengths and weaknesses.  The ongoing grading process, on the other hand, was not concrete nor transparent enough, and I realize its many weaknesses now in belated retrospect.


As I was working on this part of my portfolio, I kept thinking about all the things I could have done differently if I were to repeat my teaching experience again.  Assessment, by far, was the area where I struggled the most.  To improve,  here are some things I need to keep in mind when I start my student-teaching, in addition to the ideas in my standard overview:


1. I need to familiarize myself with academic expectations of the program I will be joining.

2.  I need to keep a detailed grade book with clearly-defined expectations.

3.  I need to make my grading as objective as possible.  To do this in the subject, open to various interpretations, I need to create and use a strong rubric. 


I think I learned my lessons, and the mistakes I made helped me along the way.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.