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Standard Three Reflection


Because I was filmed during my Lesson 6 presentation, I had numerous chances to examine my planning and delivery from various angles.  The lesson had its strengths and weaknesses. 


First, I will address the parts that need improvement. 


1.  The objectives I set for the class were  only partially met.  Students did not know why I asked them to draw pictures of modern segregation (which was a part of the diagram process that needed more guidance and explanation) nor did they understand why I asked them to compile a list of an adjective, noun, and verb to describe their schools.  I need to work on providing better directions, and I need to continue planning with a clear end-goal in mind.

2.  There was not enough time for the students to finish the projects they began and to share their creations.  My 4Ms need to be reinforced. 

3.  I must check for student understanding as I teach.  


And these are the parts of the lesson, which went well:

1.  The DTP was informative and interactive.  On the one hand, the students were taking notes.  On the other hand, they provided good responses to the questions I inserted into my presentation. 

2.  The students put much effort into the project of promoting educational equality.  The work they finished and presented the following day was of great quality.  I think the way the project was set up allowed students to work in their most effective manner (writing, drawing, creating slogans, composing poetry) and setting (individually or as a group).































DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.