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My Goals for Student Teaching


Although I am not a very linear thinker, I realize that I need to work on structuring my thought process in a linear manner to be a more effective and efficient teacher. This is why my goals will be in form of a list. I will also organize them by Brown University Practice-Based Standards. This way, they will help with the backward design for my student teaching.


Roles and Relationships

1. I need to continue working on actively embracing diversity. I don't want to be merely politically correct. I want my students to realize their importance because they know that my respect for them is genuine.

2. I need to continue working on clear-cut and transparent learning and behavioral expectations for my classroom.

3. I need to make sure that my students understand my role as a guide in their learning process: I can take them to unfamiliar places and help them explore, but the ultimate goal is for them to want to travel independently.


Student as Learner

1. I need to keep learning: from my students and colleagues, from publications and the subject matter, from those who know me and those who don't. I should never stop learning.

2. I need to keep working on academic differentiation. I believe in democracy of education, and a teacher's ability to reach their learners is one of the most democratic things a teacher can do.



1. I need to continue planning lessons with the UbD model in mind. This way, at the end of each class, I will know and be able to say what my students have learned by the time the exit the room.

2. I need to be guided by my objectives. I need to continue asking myself, "What do I want my students to learn?" and stay focused on this goal.


Classroom Practice

1. "Simply slow down." (Gore) I simply must.

2. Manageable, measurable, made first, and most important objectives. (Lemov) The 4Ms need to be my guidance as I plan for my lessons.

3. I need to create and constantly reinforce well-defined and comprehensible expectations.



1. I need to check for students' understanding while they are engaged in learning and I am teaching. Assessment needs to be an integral part of learning in my classroom. This way, the students and I can see progress in their developing skills.

2. I need to create, make known, and put to use a strong rubric for grading students' work. I believe I am an objective teacher, but my faith in my objectivity is not enough: I want to appear to be an objective teacher, too.


Knowledge and Growth

1. I believe this standard is directly related to Standard II: Student as Learner. I have always supported Socrates' idea of "I know that I don't know," and I plan to continue learning as I begin my student teaching and in the future. Hopefully, the growth will follow.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.