DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Lesson Plan

What will you be doing?

What will the students be doing?


1:17-1:20 H/W collected

1:20-1:35 Q and A – IT

  • Alla asks questions.
  • Students volunteer response.
  • Students take notes.
  • List of questions is attached.

1:35-2:00 Wonderful Soviet Life and Soviet Life Revealed – Newspapers

  • Students are divided into two groups.
  • By the end of the class, each student is supposed to follow the written expectations as she contributes to the newspaper.
  • One newspaper is pro-Soviet, published by the Soviet Union in 1939 to highlight its achievements.
  • The second newspaper is anti-Soviet, revealing the atrocities committed in the Soviet Union before 1939.
  • The students must use the examples from the textbook for every part of the newspaper.
  • Alla circulates and answers questions.
  • The students assess themselves on whether they have met their responsibilities.

2:00-2:07 The newspapers are presented and discussed.




1:17-1:20 Students settle down.

1:20-1:35 Q&A.

  • Students respond to Alla's questions.
  • Students take notes in their notebooks.
  • Students ask questions, if any.

1:35-2:00 Newspapers are created.

  • The students are divided into two groups of 7.
  • Each student receives specific responsibilities.
    • Editor 
      • Makes sure the information that will go into the newspaper is in accordance with the time period
      • Checks the facts
      • Enhances the facts to reflect the political agenda of the newspaper
      • Puts the articles of the newspaper together
      • Makes sure everyone is productively engaged.
      • Propaganda Cartoonist
        • Finds out what the topics of the articles will be 
        • Illustrates the articles in accordance with the political agenda of the newspaper 
        • Communicates with the Editor and receives her approval
        • Assists the editor in putting the newspaper together
        • Takes the responsibility for the newspaper's visual appeal.
      • Advertisement director
        • Creates two advertisements for the newspaper (they can be visual or textual)
        • Communicates with the editor and receives his approval
        • Makes sure the advertisements reflect the tone of the newspaper
        • Assists the propaganda cartoonist in visually enhancing the newspaper
      • News caster – Industrial workers
        • Reports on the lives of industrial workers.
        • Reports on the industrial progress in USSR
        • Communicates with the editor and receives her approval
      • News caster – Peasants
        • Reports on the lives of peasants.
        • Reports on the latest farming news.
        • Communicates with the editor and receives her approval.
      • News caster – Social life
        • Reports on the general condition of Soviet lives.
        • Reports on any new advancement that may promote the message of the newspaper.
        • Communicates with the editor and receives her approval.
      • News Caster – Women
        • Reports on the recent development in the lives of women.
        • Makes sure to promote the message of the newspaper with her reporting.
        • Communicates with the editor and receives her approval.





Group work is something I have been trying to master since I entered the MAT program.  I did not like asking students to work in groups before: by the end of my group activities, I always felt that precious class time had been wasted on socializing with little academic benefit.  Over the summer, my mentor teacher gave me great feedback on group work.  She suggested I make extremely clear expectations for each member of the group with a concrete product they needed to be accountable for by the end of the class.  I loved this idea and tried to put it into practice.


I believe the above excerpt from a lesson plan is a good example of my current stance regarding group work. I learned to be specific in my directions, and I think of each member of the class as I consider their strengths and weaknesses regarding group participation.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.