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PowerPoint Presentation


You be the judge!.pptx




I do not think this PowerPoint is an accurate illustration of my teaching.  I used very few PowerPoints during my teaching: my DTPs were discussion-based and of a more traditional let's-write-on-the-board type.  Yet, I think this presentation was a successful teaching method.  It established structure and allowed me to finish the planned lesson in time.


The lesson for which the DTP was made was the last one in Unit 1.  The students were asked to put Kaiser William II and Czar Nicholas II on trial for the horrors of World War I and the Russian Revolution. 


The PowerPoint provided the students with a concrete structure they had to follow in the allotted time frame.  Also, the PowerPoint described the roles each group of students needed to perform.


The set-up of the presentation was successful, and the students followed the directions.  It was easy to flip through the slides and focus on more important things as the slides explained themselves.  Yet I found the presentation to be very impersonal.  I am not sure if I am old-fashioned, but I think a screen takes away from human interactions. 


I do see benefit in using some PowerPoints, though.  I think they are a wonderful way of presenting images if I want to create suspense and momentum and want to make sure students look at them in a sequence. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.