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Direct Teacher Presentation

Genocide in Rwanda


Rwandan Genocide.pptx




I believe the above Power Point was a successful example of my direct teacher presentations at BSHS.  I think its duration was appropriate (it took 20 minutes).  Students' attention was focused throughout the presentation, and the oral accompanying commentary I added to it made the DTP more interactive and less of a text that automatically needed to be copied off a screen.  The students responded well to the information listed with bullet points.  The text on the slides did not appear overwhelming, and as I was teaching, I was helping the students paraphrase the bullet points so they could put the text in their own words when they wrote it down.  The presentation had a coherent flow, and the statistics I used to illustrate my ideas created personal connections.  Finally, the image on the last slide of the presentation created a somber pensive tone for a later discussion.  We talked about responsibility and power, and the students were actively engaged.    

If I were to change one aspect of the presentation as I think of it retrospectively, I would probably expand its content.  Considering the format of a summer school, I thought the information I put into the presentation was appropriate.  If I were to give this presentation during a semester- or a year-long class, however, I would make sure I meet all of the content objectives set by my curriculum.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.