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How many students surveyed would consider getting the surgery?



When asked, "Would you consider getting double eyelid surgery?" 10 people responded "Yes" and 141 responded "No".


Some of the comments left by survey-takers:


"If I had single eyelids and I felt uncomfortable with myself to the extent that it was detracting from my social life, I would consider it, yes." -American-born Chinese female


"i have in the past because I've been told before to get it done (as well as rhinoplasty) by Korean adults (incl. my dad at one point....hmm) but I'm more comfortable with how i look as an AsAm....also scared of surgery." -Korean American female


"I have double eyelids and am proud of them." -Asian American female


"I would probably get it if I did not have double eyelids, and I am Asian." -Chinese female, also responded "Asians want to look less Asian" as reason why people might get double eyelid surgery


"I have considered getting surgery, but I am skeptical about the results and whether or not they will look good. The price of this surgery is also a big factor." -Chinese female, knows 1-3 people who have gotten the procedure. As for why people might want the surgery, she responded: "So that their eyes will appear bigger and especially for Asian females, it is easier to apply make-up."


"I have not gone through the procedure, but I have thought about it. When I was in high school, I tried the tapes and the eyelid glue as well as drawing in the line with eyeliner." -Chinese female, knows 4-6 people who have gotten the surgery


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.