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Why do students think people choose double eyelid surgery?



Themes or Key Words in Responses


30 Look "Better" or "Prettier"
26 Look more "Western" or "Meet Western standards"
17 Aesthetics/Appearance
17 Make eyes larger or rounder
15 Look More Caucasian/white
12 Media/Societal Pressures
9 Insecure or Dislike appearance
8 Asians think bigger eyes or double eyelids are more beautiful
5 Easier to apply makeup
5 Fitting In


"Other" includes:

3 Look "less Asian"
3 Family or parental pressure
3 Popularity of the surgery in Korea
3 Aging
2 Health reasons
2 "Being stupid"
2 Vanity
1 Symmetry
1 To enter the entertainment Industry



"Since everyone else gets it, they feel like they need to get it done as well" -Asian female

"Because of hegemonic western views of beauty: we think double eyelids are prettier than single ones" -Asian female

"They want to look more Caucasian, or stand out as an Asian person with Caucasian features." -Asian American female





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.