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For my survey, I asked mainly Asian and Asian American girls, 18 years and older to answer my survey because this age tends to correlate with a period of self-discovery and realization in life as girls end high school and begin college.

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My key findings:

-Golf has really gained popularity among Asians within the past ten years

-A vast majority of those who took my survey have played competitively and out of the those who have played competitively in the past, a slight majority has stopped playing competitively now. Majority of those who have stopped are either too busy or don't enjoy playing it competitively

-Nearly 85% of everyone I surveyed was introduced to the sport by their parents

-A good majority of those I surveyed find golf fun, but a significant portion only continued to play because they're parents wanted them to

-My most important finding was that almost 60% of those I surveyed said they have felt pressured to play golf and of these girls, a majority of this pressure came from their parents


Here are the details:

So far 19 people have taken my survey...

1. What is your gender? What is your age?

17 are Female (89.5%)

2 are Male (10.5%)

Out of the 10 people who gave their age, 2 were under 18 and the rest were

between the ages of 18-23

2. How do you identify ethnically/racially?

4 identified as Asian (21.1%)

15 identified as Asian American (78.9%)

Of the three people to chose to specify their ethnicity, 1 said Mixed (Asian & Caucasian), 1 said Filipino, and 1 said Filipino American

3. Do you or have you played golf competitively or for recreation? If you have played competitively, do you still play competitively?

7 answered both competitively and recreationally

11 answered just competitively

1 answered just recreationally

Out of the 13 who answered the second question, 6 said Yes and 7 said No

4. If you have stopped playing golf competitively, why did you decide to do so?

Out of the 9 people who answered, (they could select more than one answer)

7 said "Because I'm too busy"

1 said "Because I don't enjoy it"

5 said "Because I don't enjoy playing it competitively"

1 said "Because it is too much stress"

Other answers were due to injury, didn't enjoy the college team, or graduated

from high school

5. If you have stopped playing competitively, do you still play for recreation?

Out of the 14 who answered the question,

0 said "Yes, all the time" (0.0%)

11 said "Occasionally" (78.6%)

3 said "No, not really" (21.4%)

6. When did you start playing golf?

0 answered "Less than a year ago" (0.0%)

0 answered "1-3 years ago" (0.0%)

6 answered "4-6 years ago" (31.6%)

7 answered "7-10 years ago" (36.8%)

6 answered "10+ years ago" (31.6%)

7. Who introduced/inspired you to begin playing golf?

16 answered "My parents" (84.2%)

1 answered "My sibling(s)" (5.1%)

5 answered "Friends" (26.3%)

8. (Assuming you've played golf multiple times) Why did you decide to keep playing golf?

3 answered "Because I love it" (15.8%)

9 answered "Because it's fun" (47.4%)

6 answered "Because my parents wanted me to" (31.6%)

1 answered "Because my friends/sibling(s) were doing it" (5.3%)

9. Do you or have you ever felt pressured to play golf? If yes, please specify what/who made you feel pressured:

11 said Yes (57.9%)

8 said No (42.1%)

Out of the 5 who answered the second question, all said their parents for

various reasons such as, "To pay for college," "Because my dad played it,"

"Both played and I was pretty good at it," and "They thought it was nice

because it was something different."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.