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Grace Park

    Grace Park also paved the pathway for many Asian women in golf.  During her freshman year at Arizona State University in 1998, she was named College Player of the Year and All-American.  In 1999, after finishing 8th as an amateur at the US Women's Open and winning five out of the ten events on the Futures Tour she entered, she turned Pro.

    She has continued to knock six more tour victories under her belt and is one of the most well known Asian American female golfers today.


Career Highlights and more info from SeoulSisters.com

LPGA Wins: 6
LPGA Majors: 2004 Kraft Nabisco Champion
Rookie of the year finish: 2nd; edged at the end of the year by Dorothy Delasin


How's her English?: Fluent; she's lived here since she was in her early teens.

Why is she a Seoul Sister: She's got tons of style, and her classy looks, incredible power and dominating play have made her one of the elite players on tour.

Distinguishing physical characteristic: her looks

What's cool about her: Grace is the most fiery of the Seoul Sisters. Although she sometimes loses her temper, she also generates a lot of excitement with her go-for-it style. She dresses very well and has a goofy, sly attitude that is a lot of fun. She is quite a looker, too!

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My Role Models Growing Up


                   Dorothy Delasin                    Lisa Yamane           Mika Takayama


Dorothy Delasin is a 4 time LPGA winner, and Lisa and Mika are both successful and decorated former players for UC Berkeley. They were all Junior members at my golf club so I often watched them practiced and heard many tales of their success when I was young from my dad and my coach. As I first starting taking lessons, my coach could not stop reminding my dad that "when Keiko becomes really good at golf, she can get a free ride to a great college, and get her own parking spot at school like Lisa."

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