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First Korean Christians 

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 Yoido Full Gospel Church (commons.wikimedia.org)


Christianity was estabilished in Korea in 1784 after two centuries of frustrated efforts.  In the late 19th century, American missionary societies founded hundreds of schools and churches became the main provider of education.  Koreans became attracted to Christianity because they were impressed by the egailitarian values of Christianity.  From 1910-1945, Japan ruled Korea and destroyed churches and imprisoned and tortured Korean Christians because they saw them as potential threats.  This allowed for the establishment of the relationship between Christianity and Korean nationalism, which probably is the single most important factor for the widespread acceptance of Christianity among Koreans.  After World War II and Korean War, relief efforts by Christians inside and outside of Korea led many Koreans to convert to Christianity.  Huge growth took place starting in the 1960s and by 2000, Christians were one-third of South Korea’s population. 


Presently, Seoul contains eleven of the world’s twelve largest Christian congregations. Seoul’s Central Full Gospel Pentecostal church has 830,000 members, making it the largest congregation in the world.  South Korea also is the world’s second largest missionary nation behind the United States. 


The huge growth of Christianity in Korea has affected Korean culture both in Korea and the United States.  Many of the immigrants from Korea to the United States are Christians and this has led to a strong Korean American church culture which affects Korean Americans and their community.  







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