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The Survey


A survey about Double Eyelid Surgery was dispersed to Brown University students and alumni, as well as students at UC Berkeley. Out of 169 respondents, 120 identified themselves as being Asian/Asian American or partly Asian (this includes responses such as “Chinese American”, “Korean”, and “Mixed Asian-Caucasian”). In addition to demographic information about gender and ethnicity/race, the following questions were asked:


  • Have you heard of Double Eyelid Surgery?
  • Can you tell the difference between “double” eyelids and “single” eyelids (eyelids with epicanthal folds)?
  • How many people do you know who have had double eyelid surgery?
  • If you know someone who has gotten the surgery, where did his/her operation take place?
  • Why do you think people choose to have this surgery?
  • Would you consider having this surgery?
  • Have you had double eyelid surgery? (This questions was asked to 69 of the 169 surveyed)

Link to the survey, if you are interested in taking it: www.surveymonkey.com...


The Survey Takers


Out of 69 people asked whether they have gotten the surgery or not, 2 responded yes. No person who had gotten the surgery was available for interview.


Gender breakdown:

110 female (65%)

59 male (35%)


Ethnic/racial identification of respondents:

American 1

Asian 21

Asian American 10

Asian Indian 1

Black 1

Black-Latino 1

Caucasian/White 39

Chinese 39

Chinese American 13

Chinese-Filipino 1

Filipino 1

Filipino-American 1

Hispanic 2

Hmong 2

Indian 1

Indian American 2

Japanese American 1

Korean 11

Korean American 7

Latino 2

Mexican 1

Mix 1

Mixed Asian-Caucasian 3

Mixed Chinese-Caucasian 3

Navajo 1

South Asian 1

Taiwanese American 1

Vietnamese 1

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.