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Ancient History Classwork and Homework for the Week of:





Students reviewed the answers to the notes from sections 1-5 of Chapter 3. Students then discussed the impact farming had on the development of both new jobs and trade in the Neolithic Era


Students are to complete section 3.6 - 3.7 in their notes. Notes can be found here:

Blank Chapter Notes.ppt




Students watched selected clips from the National Geographic film Guns, Germs and Steel.  The video explains the causes of the Neolithic Revolution as well as why it took place in the Middle East. The clips can be found in the PowerPoint below. Please enable all marcos in order to vide the videos.


Guns Germs and Steel:

Guns Germs and Steel.pptx

Neolithic Question Sheet.docx




Students were given a SmartResponse quiz at the beginning of class to check for understanding at the beginning of class. Results will be used to guide review of Chapter 3 on Monday.


After the review students worked on the Neolithic Cartoon which is due on Monday.



Neolithic Cartoon:

Neolithic Ned and Nel Cartoon.pptx


Students were engaged in a partner reading activity in which they completed the notes for sections 3.3-3.7. Students then reviewed their answers to the reading notes as a class. The notes can be found here: Completed Chapter 3 Notes.pptx



Students are to complete both the map and the attached questions for homework: 3.2 Map.pptx.


If students need a guide for the mapping portion of the activity, one can be found here:

Supporting Map.pptx






Students in AH-4 worked on completing their notes from the text in the class with their clock buddies. Students who have not completed the notes will be able to do so on Monday.


All other classes watched selected clips from "Guns Germs and Steel" to learn more about the agricultural revolution. Students answered 5 questions from the movie. Students were to complete a 4-5 sentence Exit Ticket  parargraph for their HW.



All classes except for AH-4 should be studying for their quiz on Tuesday. If students did not complete the Exit Ticket in class, they should do so for homework over the weekend

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.