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Assignments for the Week of 9/12



Students reviewed the Geography Challenge and were introduced to the Chapter 1 essential question.



Preview 1



Students learned about the three types of social scientists: archeologists, historians and geographers. They compared and contrasted the three groups as well as discussing the types of resources each uses to learn about the past.



Complete reading notes for Section 1-3.  Also, complete the graphic organizer attached:

Graphic Organizers Blank.ppt



Students reviewed their notes and homework from the previous night. The students then began the exploration of cave art by analyzing a photograph of a cave painting from the Lascoux, France. Stduents identified the objects in the photo and then formed hypothesees about why these images were painted. After making assumptions, they researched the actual theories in their text book.



None. Make sure you bring your binder to class.



No homework



Students worked on their cave art alaysis notes. Mr. Quinn reivewed the expectations of students using full and complete sentences in their responses. Students had the chance to have Mr. Quinn review their progress.

Students also watched a short clip on the Constitution in conjunction with Consitution Day.



No homework as students completed their reading notes.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.