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Assignments for the Week of 6/6



All students watched a video on the Rise of the Roman Empire produced by Brain Pop. The video served as an entry for the review for the Ch 34. quiz. Students reviewed for their test tomorrow in AH-3 using the class notes and the review guide.


All other classes received their review guide to prep of tomorrow's quiz. They then discussed the benefits and drawbacks to the leadership of Julius Caesar to determine whether or not he was an effective leader or a dangerous tyrant. Students had the option of writing from their own perspective or someone who might have lived in this era.



Students should study for their quiz.


Chapter 34 Review Questions.docx

Ch 34 Notes Final.ppt



Quiz on Chapter 34



Students began Ch. 36 which introduces them to the history of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Students took notes on the first section of Ch. 36 and then began watching Star Wars episode I. Students analyzed the film through four guided questions, which are due tomorrow.



36.2 Notes:ch 36 The Origins and Spread of Christianity.pptx 

From Rome to Coruscant.docx



Students took notes on section 3 --the birth and life of Jesus. After reviewing the notes for this section, students continued the viewing of Star Wars, examining the film for connections to the Roman Empire, paticularly slavery and multi-lingual inhabitants.


Homework: From Rome to Coruscant Part II.docx


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.