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Assignements for the Week of 5/9



Students completed the notes for Ch. 31 with their partners in class. All remaining notes were to be finished at home. Classes will review the notes on Tuesday.


Ch 31 Notes.pptx



Students reviewed their notes in class. Students were also provided a review guide and review questions for to prepare for the quiz. Students were informed that their quiz would be on Thursday or Friday, depending on when the classes met due to MCAS.


Chapter 31 Review Sheet.docx

Review Guide.pptx


Ch 31 Notes with Answers.pptx



 MCAS for AH-3, & 4

Jeopardy Review for AH-7, 6 & 1



Study for the Quiz: AH-7 and AH-6

Finish the Reveiw Guide -- All others.



 Most students took MCAS during class. However, AH-4 reviewed for the quiz while AH-6 and AH-7 took a quiz on the chapter.




AH-1,3 & 4 -- Study for your test

AH- 6 & 7 -- None

 Ch 31 Jeopardy.ppt


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.