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Assignments for the Week of 5/29



Students reviewed through the first two sections of Ch 34: Rome -- From Republic to Empire. Students defined an empire and discussed reasons why empires emerge over time. Students also had time to ask questions regarding last weeks assessment and associated notes.



Students learned about the first period of Roman expansion from 509 - 264 B.C.E. Students learned about the causes, benefits and cost of expansion which resulted in Rome controling the entire Italian penninsula.


Students also learned about the Three Punic Wars and reviewed their notes for this section. Students watched clips to illustrate the three portions of the Punic Wars.



Students are to read and complete the notes on Section 4 which deals with the Punic Wars. Cornell Notes, both columns, should be completed as well.


Ch 34 Notes Blank.pptx





Students learned about the rise of Julius Caesar and the changes he made to the structure of government. We also discussed his successor Augustus and the impact he had on the Roman empire.



Students are to read section 6 of Ch. 34 and complete the notes for that section.


Cornell Notes Template.pdf (J. Burke, www.englishcompanion.com)



Classes reviewed the Ch. 34 notes as needed. Some classes began reviewing secondary source documents to evaluate Julius Caesar's reign over Rome.



1) Study for Tuesday's quiz

2) Work on the Caesar argument



Ch 34 Notes Final.ppt

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.