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Assignments and class topics for the Week of 4/25



Students previewed Chapter 29 by coming up with their own ideas for reconstructing Athens after the Persian War. Students were asked to collaborate and sketch a map of all the buildings needed in the reconstruction. Students then looked at the History Alive provided map to provide context for the chapters content.


Students then began working on their Vital Vocabulary so they would be familiar with the key terms prior to reading about them in the text.



Complete the assigned Vital Vocabulary for Ch. 29. : Chapter 29 Vital Vocab.pptx



Students learned about the public and private buildings in Athens. They compared and contrasted both the homes of the rich and poor along with the publicly built structures. Students completed the Ch. 29 .1& 2 notes in class. Chapter 29 Notes Blank.pptx



Read Ch. 29.3&4. Write a one sentence summary of each paragraph as we practice active reading  strategies.



Students learned about the origins and development of anceint Athenian sculptures and drama. Students examined images, naratives and plays to draw conclusions about life during the "goldne age" of Athens.



Chapter 29 Notes Blank.pptx

Sections 5 and 6 of the reading notes.


Chapter 29 Notes.pptx -- Final

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.