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Assignments for the Week of 3/5



Students finished up their exp,oration of the governments of ancient Greece by reading and discussing the democratic and tyranical forms of government. Students then read about these forms of government in their text book and took notes with a partner. Students completed an exit ticket for a check for understanding at the end of class.



Complete the notes if it has not been done already.

Chapter 26 Notes webnotes.pptx



Students reviewed the notes from 26.4 & % today as we move closer to Friday's quiz. Students also began prepping a short open response paragraph connected to the content. This paragraph is in preparation for MCAS coming up later this month. Students will have to argue in favor of either a direct or representative democracy.



No homework, but please bring your notes from today's class to Wednesday's class.

Greek Democracy Prompt.docx

Peer Edit Checklist.docx



AH-6: Students prepped for tomorrow's quiz by completing a review guide with two other peers. The class then discussed their answers as a group.


All others:

Students began working their drafts of thedemocracy position paragraph. Students were given expectations and a model paragraph to give their writing. Students were also give the option to work from a graphic organizer to collect their thoughts. If time allowed, a peer reviewed each student's essay.



AH-6: Study for the quiz.


All others: Study for the quiz and continue working on their paragraph, due on Friday.



Students took a pre-test to gage their understanding of the concepts of Ch. 26. The class then reviewed the answers to the pre-test so that students could focus their studying for tonight.


 Students in AH-6 took the quiz today as our class will not meet tomorrow.



Students should study for tomorrow's quiz. All classes EXCEPT AH-6 should turn in their democracy paragraphy tomorrow.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.