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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Assignments for the Week of 3/21



Students spent an extra day preparing for the test by discussing their responses to the review guide handed out on Friday. Students also had an additional opportunity to ask Mr. Quinn clarifying questions in preparation for Wednesday's test.


When students were done with the edits, they were to begin working on their review sheets which were to be done in preparation for Wednesday's quiz.



Students need to study their notes for Wednesday's test on Athens and Sparta



Students completed the MCAS assessment.



Students should study for Wednesday's test




Students took the Ch. 27 test



Vital Vocabularty


AH-4: Quiz on Thursday



Students were introduced to the origins of the Persian Wars. Students discussed different statements about wars as an anticipation guide to the ideas they would be thinking about in the week ahead. Students were also introduced to the causes of the outbreak of the Ionian Revolt. Students in most classes took a Senteo Assessment to check for understanding of the class topics.



No homework if the notes for Section 21.2 are completed in class.




Students are to complete the Chaper 26.3-6 notes for HW. This will help prepare them for "The Amazing Race" in tomorrows class.




HW: Students are to complete the processing activity for HW (All but AH-4).


AH-4: Finish reading the chapter. Complete the notes to take part in the special extra credit activity in class on Monday.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.