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Assignments for the Week of 3/12



Students began working on their vital vocabulary and Section 27.1 &2.



Students were placed in random groups which explored either Athen or Sparta as well as their respective:


     1) Education

     2) Economy

     3) Government

     4) Role of Woem and Slaves


Students then took notes on their assigned topic. After completing the notes, they desiged a poster placard that their classmates will use to take notes. In addition, students were also responsible for designing a card with a "Challeng Question" to push their peer's understanding of the text.



Complete the assigned notes. If you volunteered to design a placard or the "Challenge Question Card," please make sure that it is completed for tomorow's class.



Students rotated around the classroom to six different stations that provided information about Athens and Sparta. Students were to read the chapter text with their groups, complete a short note taking exercise and then answer a challenge question that could be answered by examining the text in front of them. Students that could complete their notes and challenge question in the time alloted received a star that would go towards bonus points on the next assessment.



Complete the notes that were not finished in class.



Students reviewed the notes from the previous class to ensure they had the correct information to prep for Monday's test. Students then had the option of creating a Venn Diagram or a Slam Poem to apply what they have learned about the differences between Athens and Sparta.



The notes and assignment for the Slam Poem can be found here:

 2012 Notes for Web.pptx


The Venn Diagram can be found here:Athens v Sparta Diagram.pdf

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.