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Assignments for the Week of 1/17



Students in AH-1. 6, & 7 completed the Chapter 10 quiz. All others studied for tomorrow's Chapter 10 quiz.



Students that have taken the quiz must read sections 11.1-11.3 and identify the 5 main ideas from each of the three sections.


All others mus study for tomorrow's quiz. Below is a flow chart to help with studying:

Kush Flow Chart.pptx






 Studnets in AH-3 and AH-4 took the Chapter 10 quiz. All other classes had their introduction to Judaism using video and images to draw upon prior knowledge about Hebrew figures such as Moses, David and Solomon.



For those going skiing:

Read sections 11.1-11.3. Complete any notes not finished in class for these three sections.


Chapter 11 Blank Notes.pptx



Students continued their exploration of the founding of the Jewish religion. Students were palced into groups to become experts on a figure in Hewbrew history. After completing the notes on that figure, students were to design a scroll that will present the information from their assigned section.



 All students should complete the reading notes for their assigned section


AH-1, AH-6 & AH-7: Complete the scroll as directed.


If you were absent, please complete the notes from sections 11.4-11.6



Students in AH-1 3 and 7 reviewed the notes in class with their partners in the completion of the Jigsaw activity.


AH-3 and AH-4 worked on their jigsaw scrolls



None unless one's scroll is not done.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.