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Assignements for the Week of 1/10



Students watched a presentation on given by an Egyptologist about the clothing and mumification of ancient Egyptians. The presentor provided replicas of Egyptian artifacts for students to look at and wear.



Students should finalize their illustrated dictionary, which was homework from over the weekend.





 Students learned about the relationship between the kingdom of Kush and ancient Egypt. They began to investigate the influence Egypt held over Kush and its potential benifits or drawbacks.



Students should complete the notes for Ch. 10 sections 1 & 2

Chapter 10 notes Blank.pptx



 Students continued their study of the Kingdom of Kush. Today they explore the Kush take-over of ancient Egypt and why the take-over was short live. Additionally, they learned about how the location of the Kush capital, Meroe, lent itself to economic prosperity.



Students should complete the notes for sections 10.3 and 10.4 in their note packet. 



 Students learn about Kush's return to its African roots today in class. After the lesson was finished, students began working on their review sheet for Tuesday's quiz.



Revie Guide:

Chapter 10 Review Sheet.docx



 Students had the opportunity to have their answers to the review guide checked for accuracy and clarity. After, students played a Jeopardy review game using individual whiteboards to show their answers.




Students should review their notes, textbook, review guide and the attached Jeopardy to study for Tuesday's quiz.


Chapter 10 Jeopardy.pptx

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.