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Topics and Assignements for the Week of 12/ 5



Students took a quiz on the map of the Mediterranean Region as assigned last week. Make ups for the quiz will be held later in the week. Students then read sections 7.3-7.4 in pairs and completed the fill-in-the-blank notes for this sections. The answers were reviewed in class and can be found below.


Students are to read Saba the Farmer and respond to the questions found in the back of their reading notes packet. Students are also to begin studying for Wednesday's quiz.

Chapter Notes with Answers.ppt

Saba The Farmer.pdf

Saba the Farmer.ppt


Student reviewed for Wednesday's quiz on the geography of ancient Egypt by going over the Saba the Farmer play as it relates to what we have learned in Chapter 7. AH-4 did additional prep work utilizing their class time to refine their notes.


Students should complete the Test Prep Guide attached here. Also, a review of the chapter and the notes would be beneficial to prepare for tomorrow's quiz.

 Test Prep Sheet Version 2.docx



Students took the Chapter 7 quiz. Upon the completion of the quiz, students were able to begin working on their Chapter 8 Illustrated Dictionary and Preview 8. Students also discussed strategies for finding success on the map of the Mediterranean Region.



The dictionary and Preview can be found here:

Chapter 8 Notes.pdf


A good study game for the map quiz can be found here:




Students reviewed the vocabulary and discussed the preview activity. The students then worked on a timeline activity to plot out the dates and acievements.


Students are to complete the paragraph on "What is a pharaoh?" found here:

What is a pharaoh.pdf



Students began their tour of the Nile with a stop in Giza to learn more about the Great Pyramid of Giza. They learned about the leadership style of Pharaoh Khufu and his achievements. Students ended the class by writing a post card to a friend about their experience.


Students wrote a post card to a friend about their learning from our stop in Giza. The template can be found in the Chapter 8 notes linked above.

Also: If any students have decorations to add to our "Nile River Banks" please bring them in on Monday.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.