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Assignments for the Week of 5/2



Read the handout on the Peloponnesian Wars and answer the attached questions.


Test on Friday



Students read and discussed sections 30.2-30.6 from their notes. Answers to the notes can be found here.



Draft 2 review questions and answers for Thursday's class. The prep is a study guide for you and the will be passed on to a classmate tomorrow.


2012 alex great.pptx

Aexander the Great Reading And Notes.pdf



Students prepped for tomorrow's quiz by answering questions in a game show format. Students were also given time to begin their review guide and swap challenge questions with a partner if they so choose.


Review Guide Ch 30.pptx




Students took a quiz on Chapter 30 -- Alexander the Great. Students were given the opportunity to begin their notes on Ch 31, the Legacy of Ancient Greece in class. Students should try to get a head start on these to minimize the amount of homework they have on Monday night.


Ch 31 Notes.pptx

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.